The Product

The EyeGo system is a gaze-driven control system for powered wheelchairs or other moving platforms. The system can be adapted and fitted to the user’s current equipment. It is an add-on to a standard power wheelchair, which makes it a smart wheelchair that can be customized for different levels of support according to the cognitive level, motor control, perceptual skills, and specific needs of the intended user. Individuals with severe multiple disabilities can use the support system to safely steer an electric wheelchair in a controlled indoor environment using just their eye movements.


User interface

The user is able to steer and control the powered wheelchair with eye movements, an image of the room is shown on the computer screen. A small camera provides this image.

The user interface is comprised of a live image of the surroundings in front of the chair, upon which directional arrows are superimposed. In order to reduce the demands on gaze precision, the directional arrows are positioned in the center of a larger active area.



The support system is an optical line navigation system. When installed, the powered wheelchair detects and avoids reflex tape attached to the floor. When a line is detected, the EyeGo system briefly takes control and aids the user by maneuvering the wheelchair into a possible route forward. This reduces the cognitive perceptual demands. The advantage of avoiding the tape instead of following it (as line-following robots do) is that it allows for greater flexibility. In its most supportive setup, the wheelchair follows a designated pathway.


Our work is based on research and clinical experiements.

Move your eyes and the rest will follow